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AB2 Companies


AB2-001 Requirements, Restrictions and Prohibitions in Selection of a Company Name
AB2-002 Types of Companies

Corporate Governance

AB2-012 Circumstances in Which a Shareholder Can be Held Personally Liable for a Company’s Affairs
AB2-013 Circumstances in Which a Director or Officer Can be Held Personally Liable for Corporate Mismanagement
AB2-014 Statutory Rights and Protections of Minority Shareholders
AB2-015 How to Avoid Common Pitfalls When On-boarding Shareholders

Company Administration – Locally Incorporated Company

AB2-003 How to Incorporate a Private Company Limited by Shares
AB2-005 How to Link an Existing Company on E-citizen
AB2-006 How to Obtain Official Company Search Results
AB2-007 How to File Company Annual Returns
AB2-010 How to Change the Registered Address of an Incorporated Company
AB2-011 How to Change the Name of an Incorporated Company

Company Administration – Foreign Company Registered as a Branch

AB2-004 How to Register a Foreign Company as a Branch in Kenya
AB2-008 Foreign Company Compliance Checklist
AB2-009 Statutory Declaration to Accompany Annual Financial Statements of Foreign Company Registered in Kenya