Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I subscribe to Activate Basic?

Please click here for a step-by-step guide on how to subscribe to Activate Basic.

What modes of payment do you accept?

Where subscription fees apply, we only accept payments via mobile money. The following services are currently enabled:

  • M-Pesa
  • Airtel Money
Do you refund subscription fees?

Given that Activate protected content is made fully accessible to a subscriber upon payment, we do not typically allow cancellations or give refunds.

However, if a refund is proven to be necessary, it will be processed in one of the following ways, depending on your preference:

  • As a cash refund to the account from which the payment originated. Once a cash refund is approved, the corresponding subscription will automatically be cancelled, so you will not have access to protected content unless you subscribe afresh. Funds will be credited to your account within 15 business days; this is the longest duration that we project it will take, though it usually takes a much shorter time.
  • As a coupon. A refund coupon must be used within six months.

A request for a refund can be submitted through the Tech Support portal.

I have a suggestion on Activate content. How can I contact you?

Please contact us through the My Query portal where we receive questions and suggestions to improve Activate content.

You can choose to submit your query without creating an account (recommended). Alternatively, you can choose to create an account by registering using your email address, in which case you will be able to log in and view your ticket history.

I submitted a question / suggestion through the My Query portal and have not received a formal response.

Thank you for contacting us. The feedback that we receive goes a long way in helping us to prioritise topics for new Activate content, and we try to address as many queries as possible.

Unfortunately, due to legal and resource constraints, we are not in a position to render through Activate paid subscription plans any formal written opinion that is custom-made for any person, nor can we guarantee a minimum response time for generating Activate content.

Activate Community Engagement Rules

Please observe the following rules in the course of your engagement with the firm and other users in all Activate platforms:

  • Be kind and courteous – Seek to create a welcoming environment that is conducive for professional interaction and meaningful discussions. If you wish to express a difference of opinion, please do so with respect.
  • Uphold integrity – Do the right thing.
  • Offer meaningful support and information – Limit your participation to what is relevant to the group’s objective, which is to support entrepreneurs and business leaders by facilitating information sharing, and fostering constructive business and product development.


How safe is my personal data?

The personal data that we collect, process and store is limited to what is necessary to facilitate service delivery. We take data privacy very seriously, therefore we have put in place various internal data protection safeguards, and also evaluated the safeguards implemented by our service providers. In addition, we seek to continuously identify and mitigate emerging threats.

Our data protection measures include taking the following steps to safeguard personal data:

Hosting Environment: Our website is hosted in a secure environment where access to the server and connected services is restricted.

  • Names and Email Addresses: User names and email addresses are either stored in our database or in a secure third-party system. (See further details below.)
  • Phone Numbers and Mobile Money PIN Numbers: We do not store phone numbers or mobile money PIN numbers in our database. We request users to submit their phone numbers in the Tech Support portal and subscription payment page, and to submit their mobile money PIN numbers for payment processing through the payment gateway – all of which are managed under secure third-party systems. (See further details below.)
  • Card Information: Our website does not receive card payments.

Third-Party Service Providers: Where personal data is transmitted, processed or stored by third parties on our behalf, we select service providers that comply with industry best practices including:

  • Not storing personal data or secret data in their own servers; and/or
  • Encrypting data in transit and at rest; and/or
  • Attaining compliance certification for physical and network security; and/or
  • Complying with the European Union (EU) Regulation 2016/679 commonly referred to as the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR

Access Controls: Where account privileges include visibility of personal data by the Firm’s personnel, access to the concerned accounts is highly restricted.

For additional information, please review the Privacy Policy.

Kindly also review our Privacy and Security Guidelines on the precautions that you can take to keep your data safe while using Activate.

Privacy and Security Guidelines

While we endeavour to maintain online safety, we need your help to ensure that your data and our systems remain secure. When using Activate, please observe these guidelines:

  • A legitimate subscription to Activate Newsletter must either be: (a) Manually initiated by the Firm in response to an express request from the user; or (b) Manually initiated by the user through the contact forms on our website. An attempt to initiate Activate Newsletter subscription through any other means is counterfeit.
  • A legitimate subscription to Activate paid subscriptions must be manually initiated by the user through this domain: Our website does not trigger automated (system-generated) subscription transactions, and we have not enabled any other channel through which a subscription transaction can be initiated.
  • If you initiate a subscription transaction, your payment will be processed through a payment gateway that is integrated with our website. The only enabled mode of payment is mobile money; we have not enabled subscription payments through cash, card or any other means. If any new mode of payment is introduced, the same will be notified by the Firm through our regular communication channels.
  • Create a strong password to secure your account. A strong password comprises of:
    • A mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters;
    • At least one number; and
    • Multiple special characters.
    • Always check the address bar in your browser to confirm that you are visiting a legitimate domain. The domain names that we use begin with the following text:

    Activate Main Website:*

    My Query portal:*

    Tech Support portal:*

    • If you log in to any of our online platforms, be sure to log out after you have completed your activities. We also recommend that you close the browser; this action will automatically delete session cookies.
    • When you receive an email that is purportedly from us – and before you open any attachments, click on any link, or reply to the email – check to confirm that the email was sent from a legitimate domain. The sender’s email address should read as follows:

    For Tech Support emails: [sender]

    For My Query emails: [sender]

    For all other emails: [sender]

    • We do not solicit nor receive instructions through Activate to conduct legal briefs on behalf of any individual or organisation.
    • We never contact users to ask for sensitive or secret data such as card details, passwords, family details, property details, financial information or trade secrets. We only request for mobile money PIN numbers for purposes of payment processing through our designated online payment gateway(s), which can only be triggered if you manually initiate a subscription payment.
    • If there is a billing or technical issue in managing your subscription, we will request for the following information:
      • Your full name.
      • The same email address with which you subscribed (or intend to subscribe) to Activate.
      • The phone number used to pay subscription fees.
      • The date and time of the subject transaction.
      • The mobile money transaction reference number issued upon completion of payment.
      • The order ID number displayed in your account page upon successful completion of the subscription.
    • Tech Support portal: The purpose of this portal is to facilitate resolution of IT-related issues. You will need to create an account / log in to the Tech Support portal before you can submit a ticket. DO NOT include any sensitive or secret data in the form or attachments.
    • My Query portal: The purpose of this portal is to facilitate submission of queries to improve Activate content. You can submit your query anonymously – without creating an account / logging in (recommended), or you can choose to create an account / log in to submit queries and review past submissions. DO NOT include any sensitive or secret data in the form or attachments.
    • Public Forums: Where information is submitted via social media or other public / collaborative communication channels, such information is publicly accessible and we make no assurances on maintaining privacy or confidentiality. User caution is advised.


    Can I quote materials extracted from Activate?
    • If the content that is extracted from Activate is in the public domain or is common property, you are free to use the same without any reference to us. Examples of such content include text quoted from the Laws of Kenya, text quoted from judicial precedents, and public notices issued by the Government of Kenya.
    • If the content that is extracted from Activate belongs to a third party (as indicated in the respective content pieces), please contact the third party for permission.
    • Document templates are free for commercial use and no attribution is required, so you may quote or use them as you wish.
    • You may quote up to 5 Activate articles in the same print or electronic medium, and up to 5 minutes of Activate audio or audio-visual recording, without seeking permission provided that you comply with the following conditions:
      1. Access to the content must be obtained through legitimate means, not through piracy or any unauthorised or illegal means.
      2. All works must be properly cited as follows: “Extract from Activate® ©Miriam Kanya and Associates” .
      3. You shall distribute our works under the same license as we hereby grant to you, and you shall not use the works in a manner likely to suggest that we endorsed your use.
      4. Unless prior authorisation is given by us in writing, deep linking is strictly prohibited.
      5. The validity of this licence is dependent upon continued compliance with the aforementioned conditions. We reserve the right to suspend or revoke this licence in the event of any actual or suspected violation of any of the licence conditions.
    • If your proposed use exceeds 5 Activate articles (quoted verbatim) or 5 minutes of Activate audio or audio-visual recording, please seek prior and express written consent before using such works. For guidance on how to seek permission, please refer to the section below.
    • The “Activate” trademarks and any variations of the same, whether registered or unregistered, remain protected. Please seek prior and express written consent before using any such mark.
    • Intellectual property belonging to the firm of Miriam Kanya and Associates or “Firm IPR” as defined in the Terms of Use – including the “Miriam Kanya and Associates” trademark and any variations of the same, whether registered or unregistered – remain protected.
    How can I seek permission to use Activate intellectual property rights (IPR)?

    If your proposed use falls within these parameters:

    • More than 5 Activate articles quoted verbatim in the same print or electronic medium; or
    • More than 5 minutes of Activate audio or audio-visual recording; or
    • Activate trademark;

    Please complete the IPR Permission Request Form and submit the completed form through the email address provided in the form.

    Additional information may be requested upon evaluation of your request.

    Consent may be delayed, restricted or entirely withheld at our discretion.